Want Greener, Cleaner Rehoboth.

In an online survey conducted by citizens group Save Our City, Rehoboth residents expressed their satisfaction with the way their city is being run, and weighed in on ideas to make the city even greener.

The survey, the first of its kind, was distributed to over 660 citizens via the Save Our City email list and posted on the group’s website (, was completed by 150 respondents, for a response rate of 23 percent.  “This is a very high rate of response”, said SOC spokesman Howard Menaker. “It shows excellent interest in the issues of the city by the local residents.  It is great to see so many people respond, confirming their involvement in their community.” Respondents came from all neighborhoods of Rehoboth Beach, and a few visitors.

When asked “How is the Rehoboth Beach government (Mayor, Commissioners, Police, City staff) doing in meeting your needs?”, 66.7 percent rated the government as “Excellent” or “Adequate”.  “This is an approval rating most national, state and local officials would envy”, said Menaker.

Respondents ranked as most important the protection of the beaches, trees, and lakes that make Rehoboth Beach so beautiful, and expressed their strong approval of the job the City does in these areas.  Almost 9 in 10 respondents rated the cleanliness of the beach and boardwalk as “Excellent” or “Good”.

Over 70 percent of the respondents rated the effectiveness of the city’s tree ordinance and efforts to preserve Lake Gerar as “Excellent” or “Adequate”, with a slightly lower assessment of cleanup efforts at Silver Lake.

Howard Menaker,  commented, “Today, on Earth Day, it is important to reflect on the importance of protecting the beaches, boardwalks, trees and lakes for which Rehoboth Beach is known. "

In response to other questions, citizens expressed their feeling that Rehoboth is a safe place to live and work, with over 70 percent saying they felt safe on the beach and boardwalk, downtown and in their neighborhoods.  When asked about safety, citizens shared a concern about the burglary of homes.

On the often-discussed subject of parking in downtown Rehoboth, a majority of the respondents stated that they found parking to be a problem “only in season”, and most said they did not support the building of a parking garage. In addition, respondents rated the pace of residential development over the past five years as “about right”, and supported the City’s efforts to encourage appropriate home size and density in order to maintain the character of Rehoboth Beach.

In a question which asked citizens to name projects or initiatives they would like to see the City take on in the next year, respondents indicated a high interest in a smoking ban on the beach and boardwalk, new bike paths and improved sidewalks, continued efforts to improve the health of the lakes and stronger measures to protect trees.

“People love this city, with good reason, and want to be sure it stays as green, safe and beautiful as it is now. A vast majority of residents and visitors state that their most important values are enjoying the small-town character of the city, maintaining the beach and boardwalk, and keeping the city safe and secure.  They feel the actions of the city over the past few years have reflected these values”, summarized Menaker. 

To see survey results please click Survey Results PDF.

Joanne Hess

Recording Secretary