Statement of Purpose

- Save Our City is a group of full-time and part-time residents of Rehoboth Beach who organized as community advocates because we deeply respect the unique character of our community. We are actively concerned about its future.

- We work together as volunteers to address planning, zoning, development and density issues, and to promote ways to keep Rehoboth Beach even more vibrant and livable.

- We strongly support the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) which was developed by our Planning Commission over several years of intensive work, adopted by our City Commissioners, and approved by the State of Delaware, as required by law. Save Our City has a core group of members and supporters who have remained intensely involved in the process for implementation of the CDP. We have attended hearings and submitted statements in support of the Plan. We campaigned for those candidates who strongly supported the Comprehensive Development Plan.

- We strongly believe community property values will increase by preserving the character of our neighborhoods, as defined in the Comprehensive Development Plan.

- We are concerned by the threat of overdevelopment of townhouses, particularly in our small commercial district. We are concerned about preserving our trees and our open spaces.

- We are also concerned about the economic prosperity of Rehoboth’s business community, and so we support the strengthening of Main Street and the active promotion of the unique, vibrant nature of Rehoboth’s businesses and attractions.

- We have no officers and no staff. We have no membership dues. We have no big financial backers. Any costs are paid by voluntary donations. We are registered with the State of Delaware Elections Commission as a political action committee. Save Our City may endorse candidates for election.

- We welcome all to join us as neighbors in our volunteer work. We are most active, and the number of our volunteers continues to grow.

These are the simple and straight-forward values of those who make up Save Our City and want to protect the quality of our lives here into the future.