Property Assessments--Formal Appeals

Formal Appeals

If you are not satisfied with the result of your informal review of your assessment or if you have not had an informal review and wish to appeal your assessment, a formal hearing of your assessment may be requested of the Mayor and Commissioners, sitting as a Board of Appeals, in the following manner:

A property owner or a legal representative of an entity owning property may formally appeal their assessment(s) by obtaining and completing a Property Value Appeal Form available from the City Manager’s Office during regular business hours. The Property Value Appeal Form is also available on the City’s website.

The completed Property Value Appeal Form must be received by the City Manager’s Office not later than the close of business,Thursday, June 5, 2014 in order for the appeal to be heard. The Property Value Appeal Form must state the reason or reasons for the appeal. Once a date, time and location have been established for the formal hearing of such an appeal, the City of Rehoboth Beach shall notify the appellant by US Mail to the address of record.

The date and time of the meeting or meetings of the Mayor and Commissioners, sitting as a Board of Appeals, will be determined by the City Commission at their workshop meeting on Monday, June 9, 2014.

Notice of Appeal Results

All appeals described above will be considered, and a notice of any change in assessed value based on your appeal will be sent via US Mail.

Please see the City's  page devoted to the reassessment project for details, "Frequently Asked Questions" and to access the new assessments.