Special Election-June 27

Special Election - June 27

Important City Projects To Be Considered


Rehoboth Beach will hold a special election on June 27 to approve borrowing for the ocean outfall project and the new City Hall project. All property owners, leaseholders, and residents who have lived in the city for more than six months are eligible to vote in the special election, whether or not they are registered to vote in the annual municipal elections. Trusts, corporations, partnerships and other entities who own property are also entitled to one vote, and must submit a proxy to the City designating who may cast their vote.


These two projects are critical to the future of our city. We urge you to vote "yes" to approve the borrowing for these important projects.


The City has sent out a package of information, including voting procedures, proxy forms, a letter from the Mayor and fact sheets on the two projects. It is also available on the City's website at http://www.cityofrehoboth.com/sites/default/files/CoRB-Property_Owners_Special_Election_packet.pdf[cityofrehoboth.com]


Save Our City urges everyone to read this information carefully and, if you qualify to vote, to vote "yes" in the special election. If you will not be in Rehoboth Beach on June 27, you may designate a proxy to vote for you. If you have questions about the special election, you may call City Manager Sharon Lynn at 302-227-6181.


After the special election, Save Our City will continue to advocate for ordinances and improved administration which will preserve the traditional character of the City, including our unique neighborhoods, vital business district and environmental qualities.  We recently wrote the Mayor and Commissioners regarding the zoning ordinances under consideration. In that letter, we encouraged them to continue to contain overdevelopment and the growth of "McMansions" and "mini-hotels", and to preserve green space as new homes are built.  We will continue to press these issues and push for amendments to make our tree ordinance more effective. If you wish to stay informed on these issues and do not receive the Save Our City emails, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to ensure you will receive our communications