Cape Gazette Endorses Gossett & Sargent for Commissioners

Editorial, Cape Gazette, August 10, 2012

In Rehoboth election, hold the course

n Rehoboth Beach, voters go to the polls Saturday to choose two commissioners to serve three-year terms. Resident Toni Sharp, new to Rehoboth politics, wants to take one of the seats held by incumbents Bill Sargent and Patrick Gossett.

Sharp filed this year to ensure there would be an election race and the accompanying com­munity dialogue. She feels that an increasingly congested resort community demands a stricter planning process so the Rehoboth of 2020 won’t lose the many assets enjoyed in 2012.

Sharp’s energy and involvement sparked con­structive discussion, but that discussion for the most part showed unanimity among the candi­dates for preserving the character of Rehoboth and following the comprehensive development plan that is in place.

The lack of any burning issues on which this year’s campaign has focused testifies to a no­ticeably constructive and refreshing harmony among the commissioners at this moment in time. It’s not that they all agree on everything; it’s more that the present group is unified in its vi­sion for Rehoboth – one that calls for working progressively on tree canopy, safe biking, and Silver Lake dredging and buffering initiatives.

For that reason, Gossett and Sargent stand apart as the best choices in this year’s election.

Neither has any more energy or commitment or capability than Sharp, but what they do bring is a depth of knowledge about the inner workings of the city that is only gained by be­ing part of the process for many years.

Gossett’s years of experience as a member of the planning commission, and more recently as a commissioner, put him in a unique position to understand the planning process and the fol­low- through needed by the commissioners to implement planned initiatives.

Likewise, Sargent’s years as a member of the city’s board of adjustment, and subsequently as a commissioner, add to the wisdom he brings to Rehoboth’s deliberations and decisions.

Rehoboth is on a steady and positive course that demands no change.