Riordan, Mauler win in Dewey Beach

Dewey Beach Election Results September 15

Cape Gazette

By Kara Nuzback | Sep 15, 2012
Photo by: Kara Nuzback Nonresident Gary Mauler, left, and former Mayor Courtney Riordan win seats on Dewey Beach Town Council.

Dewey Beach — Courtney Riordan and Gary Mauler were big winners in Dewey Beach.

Riordan was the top vote-getter with 514 while Mauler won 504 votes, easily outdistancing Denise Campbell with 348 and Rick Solloway with 346.

"We're very happy with the results," said Riordan, who was the only candidate at town hall when the results were posted.

Riordan served as mayor of Dewey Beach from 2005 to 2006.  But he said he does not plan to take the place of Mayor Diane Hanson.  "We have a mayor that I have great faith in," he said.

Mauler said the turnout for Election Day seemed light, and he called his wife to say the election might not go his way.  He said voters ultimately chose him because property owners want a say in the town's future.

"It sounds like the town of Dewey Beach has spoken," Mauler said.

Both Mauler and Riordan said, once they are sworn into office, they plan to take action on their campaign initiatives, which included decreasing public intoxication and improving public safety.

Both winning candidates also said they do not want to take the fun out of Dewey Beach.

"Dewey is a great place to come to party, and we don't want to change that," Riordan said.

"There's always going to be bars; the bars aren't going to close at 10 p.m.," Mauler said.  "We've all got to learn to work together."

Campbell declined to comment on the outcome of the election.  Solloway could not be reached.