Citizens Coalition is dissolved

Save Our City regrets the dissolution of the Citizens Coalition, an organization with which it has shared goals and mission

Citizens Coalition, lnc.

PO .Box 56

Nassau, De. 19969

October 15, 2012

Dear Citizens Coalition Member:

"There is a season and a time to every purpose under Heaven..." So go the words of a popular song written by folk singer Pete Seeger. Citizens Coalition's time is upon us. After more than 18 years of attending meetings, assisting communities and Sussex residents and passionately pursu­ing our mssion of managed growth, sustainable development and responsible land use, the cur­rent Board of Directors of Citizens Coalition, Inc. has decided to dissolve our nonprofit 501 (c) (3) corporation.

The Board, with a quorum present, unanimously voted to take this action on September 25,2012. We decided that the first step in this process was to notify you, our members. We came to this decision after considerable thought and deliberation. During the past year or so we appealed to our members to join our board, however, we received no response. Further, attrition of our board and personal obligations of a few board members prevented us from fulfilling our role and lim­ited our ability to attend county meetings to actively voice our position on land-use issues, re­spond to communities seeking our assistance, as well as to weigh in on other critical issues pri­marily in Coastal Sussex County.

Our timing is also supported by the closing of the calendar year and the Coalition's 2012 dues cycle. Also, we voted not to hold our 18th Annual Meeting this fall because of the imminent dis­ solution of the corporation.

Later this month, the Board will discuss the dissemination of our budget monies of approxi­ mately $15,000 to other non-profit organizations whose objectives are focused on community action in compliance with State Law and our bylaws. Once these decisions are made, we will notify you of the disbursement and the closing of the books. We are hopeful that you will sup­ port one or more of these organizations in the absence of Citizens Coalition.

We are sorry that we have to disband; however, we remain concerned citizens who if we are able, will step up if and when the need may arise.

Thank you for your support over the years.

Michael R. Tyler


Board of Directors