SOC Supported Candidates Win City Election

In the Rehoboth Beach municipal election held on Saturday, August 13, Stan Mills and Toni Sharp, the two candidates supported by Save Our City, were re-elected to the City Commission by significant margins. Mills and Sharp received 688 and 609 votes respectively, while challenger Rick Perry received 473 votes. The commissioners will be sworn in to new three-year terms at the Regular meeting of the Mayor and Commissioners on Friday evening, September 16.

Of the 1776 registered voters in the city, 1066 voters participated in the election, for a 60 percent turnout.

Save Our City was organized to protect and enhance the unique character of Rehoboth Beach and support its public officials in carrying out sound planning and execution of reasonable measures to do so. Among our highest priorities is to combat the overdevelopment and commercialization of our residential neighborhoods and the deterioration of our small town charm and natural environment.

Over time, our success as a city has been largely the result of the work of elected officials who have worked to bring about sensible and well-considered ordinances such as the FAR reductions, the tree ordinance, and more recently the zoning and noise ordinances that address the surge in high occupancy "mini-hotels" we have seen in recent years. These are highly contentious and complex issues, and it took not just wisdom and hard work by these two commissioners, but also courage and conviction to ensure our city retains its essential character. We thank them for their commitment and congratulate them on their victories.