Report on June 3 workshop meeting

The Mayor and Commissioners met on June 3, 2012 for a workshop.  All Commissioners were present to discuss the following items:

  •   Commissioner Coluzzi led the discussion of the Bicycle Plan and recommendations for the 2012 season.  The bicycle map is undergoing final revisions and should be ready for distribution by June 15. A few ”sharrows” (shared bicycle-automobile lane markings) will be tested on Canal Street, Henlopen Avenue near Grove Park and either Stockley or King Charles Avenue.  A bicycle parking station will be located at Baltimore Avenue and First Street. which Commissioner Coluzzi indicated had the highest rate of accidents in Rehoboth. Two parking places have been removed from First Street to increase visibility.

Commissioner Gossett inquired into monitoring of the 2012 tests so at year end the plan can be evaluated.  Commissioner Coluzzi assured him there will be funds available for year-end evaluation.  Funds for future plans and maintenance will be included in the city’s annual budget. Citizen Walter Brittingham commented that delivery trucks are the biggest problem at Baltimore and First intersection.  Commissioner Zellers suggested that the Chamber of Commerce and Main Street ask businesses to ensure that delivery trucks use rear entrances for deliveries.

Mayor Cooper felt all the plans were good.  Although he does not believe sharrows are needed and cannot be properly maintained, he agrees to testing them.

  • Commissioner Gossett opened a discussion of possible amendments to the Rehoboth Beach City Charter, which provides for the payment of mileage reimbursement to non-resident Commissioners for travel to meetings of the Commissioners and committees. He emphasized he was not advocating any changes but felt provisions of the Charter should be reviewed and then either deleted or changed to clarify their intent..

Mayor Cooper observed that any Charter change would lead immediately to requiring definition of resident/non-resident commissioner and delay any action.  City Solicitor Mandalas agreed that resolutions could be passed by the Commissioners, setting policies for the City Manager to follow in the matter of eligibility, rates of reimbursement, period of time a Commisioner can request reimbursement, and the public reporting of reimbursement.

Commissioner Zellers observed that travel expenses are “part of the deal” in being a non-resident Rehoboth Beach Commissioner.  Both Mayor Cooper and Commissioner Hunker questioned why reimbursement was offered only to elected officials and not Planning Commissioners or other volunteer members of city committees or commissions.  They noted that City employees are reimbursed for expenses incurred in travel for the city.

The Commission asked Commissioner Gossett to work with City Manager Ferrese on a travel policy and possible resolution and report back to the Commissioners.

  •   City Manager Greg Ferrese reported on the success of the Parkmobile system over Memorial Day weekend and gave special thanks to the local press which highlighted the plans.  He also commended Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Carol Everhart for all her hard work in introducing and then monitoring the  new system.  Revenue for the period was $107K from quarters, $15K from Parkmobile system for a total of $122K.  This is an increase in parking revenue over the Memorial Day weekend in 2011
  •  Many Rehoboth intersections are now ADA compliant. Mr. Ferrese has written to both Senator Bunting and Representative Schwartzkopf asking them to consider future funding for other ADA  projects.