Report on June 15 Commissioners meeting

The Mayor and all Commissioners met for a regular meeting on June 15 and took the following actions:

  • Considered a proposed ordinance to amend Chapter 102 of the City Code that would remove Lot F, Surf Avenue, owned by the Village Improvement Association, from the City Building Code which requires that buildings erected on this lot be of Type 1 construction, regarding fireproof materials. Mayor Cooper led the discussion, explaining that VIA was planning to expand the current building and thus sought an exemption from the requirement, which would add $65,000 to the $200,000 project. The unique location of the VIA building negates concerns about a fire starting and spreading to adjacent property. It is bounded on three sides by streets and City property and on the fourth, by the Boardwalk.  The state Fire Marshall has signed off on this proposal, and the building would still have to meet the International Building Code and state building and fire codes.


Commissioner Mills explained that while he generally favored the proposal, he did not believe there had been sufficient time for public to study and voice its opinions and he would not vote on it. Commissioner Sargent supported the proposal but was concerned about setting a precedent for future buildings. Commissioner Gossett explained this was a unique situation; no other property has the same “isolated” location. Should the VIA cease to use property awarded to it in 1926, it reverts to the City.


The motion to approve the proposed amendment to the City Code       passed 6-0, with Commissioner Mills not voting.


  • The Mayor and Commissioners unanimously set the City Real Estate Tax Rate for the tax year beginning July 1, 2012 and ending June 30, 2013, at $1.78 per $100 of assessed value. This represents no change in tax rate from 2011.


  • Submission of Nominating Petitions for Commissioners’ approval as to qualifications for candidates for the annual Municipal Election scheduled for August 11, 2012:


James Patrick Gossett (Patrick) submitted petition signed              by 25 qualified voters, all of whom were certified. Petition    accepted. Commissioner Gossett is running as non-resident.                       


Willis Sargent (Bill) submitted petition signed by 12                          qualified voters, all of whom were certified.                                       Commissioner Sargent is running as resident.


Mary A. Sharp (Toni) submitted petition signed by 12                        qualified voters, all of whom were certified. Ms. Sharp is                  running as a resident.

  • Planning Commission Vice Chairman David Mellen reported on Planning Commission meeting held on June 8. Partitioning was approved for the property located at 21 Queen Street into two (2) lots.

The Planning Commission continues to review additional research and resources for development of proposed ordinances to amend City code to establish buffer areas around City’s lakes and for site plan review of future construction along the lakes. Three status reports have been delivered to the Commissioners and Planning Commission will begin to draft final report. Meetings between the Planning Commission and DNREC are planned in the coming weeks.

  • For items to be included on future agendas, Commissioner Gossett requested a discussion of the current Tree Ordinance and its implementation. He has received several inquiries from citizens about how the tree ordinance is being implemented. He proposed a meeting with City staff to collect data about how the ordinance is being interpreted and implemented. Once that data has been collected, he would like to hold a meeting to hear from the public whether they think the ordinance is being implemented in a way to fulfill its purpose. Then, using these inputs, improvements to the current ordinance may be suggested.


  • City Manager Greg Ferrese reported increases in revenue from both parking fees and transfer taxes for 2012 over 2011. The       City’s IT department has hired Max Canby as part-time employee.
  • Committee Report. Commissioner Mills reported on recent activity of the Communications Committee, including preparing a revised mission statement. He asked that the mission statement be approved by Commissioners. Commissioner Sargent questioned why Commissioners needed to approve such actions. Commissioner Gossett suggested each Committee prepare an annual report on activity and their mission to submit to Commissioners for review and approval.       There was consensus that the suggested mission statement was fine, but no vote to approve was taken.


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Joanne Hess


Recording Secretary,