Message About Safety from RB Chief of Police, Keith Banks





Chief of Police

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As the summer season is in full swing in Rehoboth Beach I would like to take the opportunity to respond to some questions about a recent article and offer some general safety tips to the community. Officers have been conducting both uniformed and undercover patrols in and around the beach and boardwalk area in an effort to decrease alcohol type violations including underage drinking and open containers. This enforcement has been in cooperation with the Delaware Division of Alcohol Tobacco Enforcement (D.A.T.E) as a proactive policing measure. Officers conducting these types of patrols have observed instances where individuals have what seems to be a higher than usual Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). We have also been conducting these types of patrols to identify any potential disorderly or suspicious persons and to deter any potential criminal activity.    Naturally with the influx of visitors to our area during this time of year receive a spike in certain types of criminal activity including those crimes that would be considered crimes of opportunity. These types of crimes are generally committed without any planning when a perpetrator sees the chance to commit the act at that moment and seizes it. These types of crimes include theft of lost or mislaid property (i.e. wallets, purses, backpacks, beach items etc...), thefts of unsecured bicycles/mopeds and thefts of items from unsecured vehicles. We have also received several complaints involving rental type scams and listings being posted online. Many times an unknown person lists a property (real or fake) online and asks for a deposit to be wired to a location out of state. With these types of scams we remind everyone to always be suspicious, if it sound too good to be true then most likely it is.

Below are some general safety tips to keep you, your family and your property safe.

Protect yourself

Try not to walk alone at night but if you do, be alert and avoid dark or isolated areas. Instead, walk out in the open, away from walls, alleys, doorways, and pillars.

Whether you are walking or driving, determine the safest route before you leave. Take the longest route if that is the safest.

Tell friends or family members where youre going, and then let them know when you reach your destination.

Have your key ready as you approach your house or vehicle and always look around for any suspicious persons.

Dont enter environments where you feel unsafe. Always trust your instincts.

Protect your home and vehicles

Install good locks on doors and windows and alarm systems. Keep doors locked at all times, even when you are at home.

Ensure you have a door viewer on solid doors, as well as a safety chain.

Leave exterior lights on to deter potential intruders. While youre away

from home, leave at least two interior lights on, preferably on timers. Remember, exterior light sensors and motion sensors can be installed to turn exterior lights on and off automatically.

Always trim back trees and bushes away from windows and doors.

If you return home and suspect someone is in your home, dont enter or call out. Phone the Police immediately.

Dont leave keys in obvious places. Criminals know more hiding spots

than you do.

Get to know who your neighbors are and what their vehicles look like so youll know who belongs on your street and who could be a suspicious person or vehicle.

Ask a neighbor to look after your property when you are away for extended periods of time and offer to do the same for them.

Become an active member of a local crime prevention or safety promotion

organization such as Neighborhood Watch.

Check in with your senior neighbors from time to time and volunteer to accompany them on outings where they may feel unsafe.

Be very selective about admitting any strangers into your home. Ask

For positive identification from delivery, repair, and service people.

Always secure your vehicles and keep any valuables including all electronics out of sight. If you plan to go shopping, store your packages in a locked trunk.

Park mopeds and scooters in the rear of your property out of sight. Secure mopeds and scooters to a fixed object if possible.

Remember anyone can become a victim of a crime, but since criminals are looking for easy targets such as an open window

or an unlocked car, reducing these opportunities really does prevent crime. Remember common sense is always the key and always trust your instincts.

If you are alert to your surroundings, you can often identify a potential criminals and criminal activity simply by paying attention to the people and events going on around you.

As a reminder the City of Rehoboth Beach is very fortunate to have a full service 911 center within the city where calls to Police, Fire and Ambulance are received and dispatched directly. Remember to always report crimes or suspicious activities in your neighborhood to Police immediately so we can come out and determine if any further investigation is warranted, don’t assume someone has already called it in. Residents of the City of Rehoboth Beach also have the opportunity receive localized information and community updates through the Rehoboth Beach Neighborhood Watch program. This program is open to those residents living within the City of Rehoboth Beach.

We at the Rehoboth Beach Police Department remain committed to our community and feel that the City of Rehoboth Beach is a clean and safe environment for all to enjoy.

If you have any questions, please give Detective Sullivan or myself a call to discuss any issues or concerns.


Keith W. Banks

Chief of Police