Report on August 17 Commissioners' meeting

The Mayor and Commissioners met on August 17.All Commissioners were present and took the following actions:


  • Planning Commissioner Pal Littleton reported on actions taken at the August 10 Planning Commission (PC) meeting.

The PC has completed a draft document of the report requested by Commissioners on Rehoboth Lakes and will discuss it at a joint meeting of the Commissioners/Planning Commissioners on September 10 (9 am). Commissioner Mills asked if the draft could be posted on City website prior to September 10 so public could study it. PC Chair Littleton responded that was a decision to be made by City Commissioners and expressed some concern that the exhibits that were so vital to the report could be adapted to the website. Commissioner Gossett agreed the exhibits were necessary and observed that he was sure City’s IT department could make such adaptions. Commissioner Mills will work with IT to post the draft on website prior to September 10.

For the Cape Gazette article on the draft document, please read:

Chairman Littleton noted the preliminary review of an application to partition the property at 12 Rodney Street into two lots was approved for a public hearing and scheduled on the regular Planning Commission meeting (September 14, 2012)

  • The Mayor and Commissioners unanimously approved an ordinance that would amend Chapter 236 of the City Code relating to major subdivision improvement performance guarantees and adding sun-setting provisions for major subdivisions that do not proceed timely after approval. Commissioner Gossett observed the Planning Commission was very astute to make this recommendation and complimented the group on preparing the ordinance.


As part of the terms of this ordinance, the property owners withdrew their appeal of the Planning Commission’s denial of the partition application.  The Mayor and Commissioners chose not to return the partitioning application back to the Planning Commission for review.

  • City Manager Greg Ferrese reported that Senator Bunting had authorized a grant of $10, 000 to continue ADA mandated improvements (work to begin November 2012).
  • The next meeting of the City Hall task force will be on September 13 (9 am-Noon)
  • Commissioner Coluzzi reported that the Streets and Transportation Committee would like to place the one undesignated bike rack/planter on Wilmington Avenue and monitor its usage along with those presently located on Baltimore Avenue. Mayor Cooper objected, stating request not on agenda and he felt monitoring in limited time remaining in season would provide unbalanced research. Commissioner Hunker urged all information is important. Commissioners Coluzzi and Hunker asked that the suggestion to place bike rack/planter on Wilmington Avenue be placed on a future meeting agenda.

**Next scheduled meetings – (Special) Monday, August 27, 2012; 9:00 a.m.    and Monday, September 10 at 9:00 a.m, Joint meeting with Planning Commission to discuss the Planning Commission’s report on Lakes.


                    VOTE for Rehoboth Beach Farmers’ Market

                                SECOND NOTICE!!


One election is over in Rehoboth Beach, several are ahead for Sussex County and state residents, and November 6 will find us lining up for the national elections.


But there is one that always garners a lot of support for a very successful and popular community effort: the Rehoboth Beach Farmers’ Market. The Market is enjoying its sixth successful year under the direction of Marketmaster Pat Coluzzi.


The American Farmland Trust ( is holding its annual contest to elect America's Favorite Market. The Rehoboth Market has always done well in this contest and our position high in the contest helps Marketmaster Coluzzi gain notice and sponsors.

AFT does not share our emails with anyone.  You can vote only once but you can enter as many names/email addresses as you and friends are all welcome to join. You need not be a resident of Rehoboth to vote.

The contest ends September 3  so please consider voting as soon  as you can.

Here is the link to the contest.:

You can go directly to the voting page by entering name of our Market:
Rehoboth Beach Farmers Market

If you want to authorize me to enter your name, please reply to this request ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) with message:  Count on me!

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