Commissioners' Meeting November 16

The Mayor and Commissioners will meet Friday, November 16 in the Commissioners Room at 7:00 pm to discuss the following items:

  • Update on the City-wide re-assessment project.
  • Consider adoption of a proposed rewrite of Chapter 159, to be retitled Flood Damage Reduction, of the City Code which change would bring this chapter into agreement with FEMA’s current requirements for the National Flood Insurance Program.
  • Consider appointments to City committees, commissions and boards.
  • City Manager’s Report
  • Approval of Street Aid Expenditures
  • Committee Report
  • City Solicitor’s Report
  • Discuss and decide the request of an employee for the Commissioners to review a disciplinary suspension, in accordance with Section 46-10(D), that they received for failing to follow the City’s procedure for clocking in and out of work five times during the current calendar year.

***This item is likely to include an executive session as permitted by Delaware Code, Title 29, Section 10004(B)(8), insomuch that it involves the hearing of an employee disciplinary case.

  • Commissioner Announcements/Comments
  • Discuss items to include on future agendas
  • Citizen Comment


  • Adjournment