Mayor and Commissioners' Meeting Jan. 18, 2013

The Mayor and Commissioners met on January 18, 2013. All commissioners were present. Among other items, the following items were discussed and actions taken:   Reassessment After discussion to consider selecting a vendor for property reassessment, the Commission voted unanimously to authorize the City Manager to negotiate a contract with PTA.   Memorandum of Understanding between Sister Cities and the City re: Park of the Navigators Minor changes were made to the draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining responsibilities for the funding and construction of the Park of the Navigators, including the funding required for the project to move forward. Commissioner Sargent stated he thought it would be best for all funding to be secured before the project begins. Commissioner Gossett stated that he would not require all funds to be in the bank, but was concerned that no written formal budget had been presented for the project. He asked that a budget for the garden be presented at their next meeting along with letters of commitment from grant funders.    The motion to pass the MOU passed with all Commissioners voting yes except Commissioner Sargent.   Site plan review for permits for structures on properties within 25 feet of Silver Lake  Mayor Cooper suggested a public hearing be held on February 15, 2013. After discussion of the nature of site plan review and how it would apply, a motion to set the hearing at 7:00pm on February 15 was approved unanimously.    Scooter and Moped Parking The Streets and Transportation Committee reported their work and proposed parking for scooters at selected street ends near beach, some on Rehoboth Ave, and other locations. The Committee will also recommend that a seasonal or weekly permit be required for parking in scooter areas.  These issues will be discussed at the Commissioners’ February workshop.     Planning Commission – Ordinances regarding Trees The report of Planning Commission was given by Vice Chair, David Mellen The Planning Commission met on January 11, 2013, to discuss the City Commission’s charge regarding a study of the ordinances concerning trees and how they might be made more effective, to develop a better understanding of the charge and begin to develop a work plan. Immediate actions will include an analysis of tree permits issued under the current ordinance as well as demolition permits, and appeals heard by the Parks and Shade Tree Commission. The Commission will study the existing tree canopy to determine what percentage is on public land and what on private land.   The Planning Commission will hold an educational session, or public workshop, regarding trees from 1:00pm to 5:00 pm on March 8.  [Save Our City NOTE: As details become available about the topics to be discussed we will distribute them.]   The Planning Commission is also awaiting formal comments from the state’s PLUS review of the Lakes Report.   The Mayor and Commissioners will meet next at a Workshop meeting at 9:00am on Monday, February 4, 2013.