Planning Commission Agenda for August 10, 2012 meeting

The Planning Commission will meet Friday, August 10, at 6:30 pm in the  Commissioners' Room to discuss the following items on the agenda:

  • Preliminary Review of Partitioning Application No. 0712-03 for the property located at 12 Rodney Street,  into two (2) lots with Lot A becoming one (1) lot of 5,000 square feet and Lot B becoming one (1) lot of 5,000 square feet. The Partitioning has been requested by Vincent G. Robertson, Esq. of the law firm Griffin & Hackett P.A. on behalf of Michael A. Palmer and Mary Pat Fannon of EOA LLC, owners of the property
  • Update on status of the appeal of the 2 St. Lawrence Street partitioning.
  • Status of planned meeting with the Mayor and commissioners to discuss the Planning Commission’s report on the City lakes.
  • Continue to discuss, prioritize and formulate action plans to address items and/or issues that have been deferred by the Planning Commission
  • Building Inspector’s Report
  • City Solicitor’s Report
  • Report, discussion and possible action concerning those activities or assignments taken at Regular or Workshop Meetings of the Mayor and Commissioners that directly relate to the Planning Commission.
  • Report of any new subdivision applications that may have been timely submitted.
  •  Adjournment