Commissioners' Workshop December 10

The Mayor and Commissioners met in a Workshop meeting on December 10, 2012


All commissioners were present. Among other items, the Mayor and Commissioners discussed the following items:




The Commissioners discussed proposals received in response to the request for proposals for services to reassess property in the City. Two proposals were received, from firms PTA and Tyler.


The consensus was that both firms met the criteria, both have worked in Delaware and that Tyler presented the more thorough proposal.


Commissioner Gossett noted that over five years, their costs are competitive, as PTA has a lower initial cost but a higher annual maintenance cost. The Commission asked Commissioner Gossett to conduct a five-year cost analysis. Members of the Commission will check the references of both firms and a list of concerns and questions to be drafted and circulated to the Commissioners. Both firms may then be interviewed again.


Sister City Garden


A presentation was made regarding a revised Sister City garden proposal. Ray Zebrowski, landscape architect, has met with commissioners regarding their concerns about the original proposal. He said he heard a lot of common ground including the request to preserve the east side of park as it is, make the garden less formal, and reduce the elements needing maintenance.


In reaction to these concerns, he made the garden smaller, proposed using more native plants, removed the seat walls and terra cotta pots. After much discussion, the Commissioners agreed to continue to consider the design of the proposed garden.


There was some disagreement among the Commissioners regarding action taken at the Special Meeting on November 5, and next steps required by the vote at that meeting. Solicitor Glenn Mandalas will review the minutes and the audio tape for clarity.


Streets and Transportation Committee report


Scooter Parking

The Committee recommended scooter parking “corrals” with no delineated spaces (Key West has these). They also recommend a seasonal permit for scooter parking in designated areas, for which a fee will be paid by users, much like the permits currently issued for automobiles in residential neighborhoods. A weekly permit may also be offered. Scooter parking would no longer be permitted in bicycle racks, on sidewalks or the Boardwalk. The City will need to define scooters in the Code. The Committee will work with the City Manager to investigate possible parking areas and permit fees.


Hickman Street

There has been concern from citizens regarding speeding traffic on Hickman Street, especially at Stockley Street. Chief Banks monitored the speed of traffic on Hickman, and stated that the results show that there is not a problem of cars exceeding the speed limit on that street.


The Committee examined the options of “speed cushions” and considered their installation along with a stop sign, but some residents opposed stop sign.

The Commission suggested the Streets and Transportation Committee draft a procedure to determine where traffic calming devices should be placed, and policy for adding them.


Communication Committee Report


Commissioner Mills reported in order to create awareness of issues before the Committee:


  • Enhanced audio systems in Commissioners room


  • Formatting template for documents, following a City policy adopted 2009


  • Better utilization of “Ongoing Business” on website


  • Promotion of the “e-news” service by the City      

Commissioner Hunker asked if the City can we add a text alert to this system. Commissioner Mills said the Committee will look into this issue.


Other items:


Discussed adoption of 2012 versions of codes as written by the International Code Council to update some existing codes.


The recommendation from the Audit Committee to approve the audit as prepared will be reviewed at the next regular meeting.


Commissioner Mills proposed that the City join the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association (approximately $500/yr) and fund a representative to attend their annual conference in Washington, DC. This idea was generally supported.


City Managers Report: The City is working with FEMA to apply for reimbursement for $21,000 for expenses related to Hurricane Sandy.


The next Regular Meeting of the Mayor and Commissioners is scheduled for 7:00pm, Friday, December 21, 2012