Tree Ordinance -- Planning Commission Begins Review

ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE FOLLOWING RESCHEDULED PRESENTATION THAT NOW WILL BE HELD ON FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2013 AT 6:30PM   Trees vs. Construction: How can they best coexist?     The City of Rehoboth Beach’s tree ordinance, passed several years ago, was an attempt to balance the need for construction and the preservation of trees.  It has served the City well, but it is time to see if we can improve upon it.   The public is invited to an educational program being conducted by Bryan Hall, Arborist, about trees, construction practices and their impact on the City of Rehoboth Beach.  This program will be the major agenda item for the Planning Commission’s regular meeting on Friday, April 12, at 6:30 p.m. in the Commissioners Room at City Hall .   This program is being presented at the request of Rehoboth’s Planning Commission as it begins a comprehensive study of trees, construction practices, and the City’s current tree and related ordinances.  The April 12th presentation will not directly address the City’s ordinances but rather is intended to give the planning commissioners a common starting point for their study.   In December, the Mayor and City Commissioners adopted Resolution No. 1212-01 (copies available at the Building and Licensing Department and on the City’s website at under official public notices) regarding the City's trees, which states, as does the City’s Comprehensive Development Plan, that the unique character of Rehoboth Beach is created in large part by its urban forest.  The resolution tasked the Planning Commission to conduct research, hold public meetings and propose amendments, as necessary, to the City's ordinances, regulations or procedures, which preserve and augment that urban forest.  In carrying out this assignment, the Planning Commission is required to consider how best to insure that the interests of citizens to enjoy the beauty and environmental benefits of trees to the community within the City are balanced with the interests of property owners to appropriately use their property.   Following the presentation and discussion with the presenter, the Planning Commission would welcome input and suggestions from the public as it begins to undertake this study.  Citizens and other interested parties will also have additional opportunities to be heard at public hearings and meetings as the Planning Commission proceeds with its study and specific recommendations are formulated.