Mayor & commissioners Meeting June 21, 2013

The Mayor and Commissioners held their Regular Meeting on June 21, 2013 Absent were Commissioners Coluzzi and Zellers. Among other items discussed and actions taken were the following: Planning Commission Tree Study The Planning Commission report was given by Bunky Markert, who reported that work is continuing on the Commission’s tree study. The Planning Commission has set their August meeting to begin considering recommendations to bring back to the full City Commission. Deauville Beach Lease The Mayor and Commissioners voted unanimously to authorize a ten-year renewal of the lease from the State for Deauville Beach. The City first leased the area from State in 1975. Although there has been no valid lease since 2000, all parties have operated as if one existed. Real Estate Tax Rate The Mayor and Commissioners discussed and set the City real estate tax rate for tax year beginning July 1, 2013. There will be no tax increase, and the rate will remain $1.78 per $100.00 of assessed value. Side Yard Setbacks The Mayor and Commissioners discussed and passed unanimously a resolution tasking the Planning Commission to study and develop recommendations regarding side yard setbacks on residential lots with frontage greater than 50 feet. This work may also look at include other situations that need to be addressed. (e.g., irregular shaped lots, or lots with no frontage). Petitions for Candidates for City Commissioner The petitions for Mary A. (Toni) Sharp and Stan Mills were accepted unanimously. These are the only two candidates for commissioner this year, so no election will be held. Online Retention of Audio Recordings Commissioner Mills, reporting from the Communications Committee, asked the Mayor and Commissioners to extend the length of online availability of audio recordings of city commissions, committees and boards to six months. This motion was approved unanimously. Personnel Committee - City Manager Search Commissioner Gossett reported that the Personnel Committee has begun working on the search for new City Manager. A position description and timeline have been drafted and the Committee is considering the hiring of a search firm. After an initial outreach, Gossett has received expressions of interest from 6 search firms. The Mayor stated he was willing to consider hiring a search firm, as the Commissioners do not have the appropriate background and experience, or time, to conduct the search without a firm. City Manager’s Report 478 scooter permits have been sold so far this season, with no significant problems reported. Parking revenue over Memorial Day weekend was down a little bit from last year, due to weather, but we are projected to make it up this Summer. Transfer taxes are coming in strong, and City revenue is good overall. Solicitor’s Report The City Charter Amendment regarding the Alderman position has been approved by the Delaware House and Senate. This paves the way for the Governor to nominate the new Alderman and for Senate confirmation. Announcements The Laurel Street stormwater outfall is completed, and work continues on Delaware Avenue. The Army Corps should be done shortly after July 4. The DE Clean Water Advisory Council approved funding of $10 million for upgrades to the City wastewater treatment plant