Mayor and Commissioners Meeting July 19, 2013

Summary of BOC Meeting 7/19/13 commencing at 7:05. Mayor and all Commissioners present, City Attorney Glenn Mandalas and City Manager Greg Ferrese · Approval of the meeting agenda except for deleting the approval of minutes that were not prepared. · Approved Minutes for 6/10/13 Special Meeting, 6/10/13 Workshop Meeting, 6/21/13 Regular Meeting, 7/8/13 Special Meeting, and 7/8/13 Workshop Meeting. · Report of Police Department included incidents of shoplifting, 1 burglary on 4th St, and numerous traffic violations. A number of hit and run violations occurred (fender benders). Several instances of bikes with no lights, warnings were issued. · Report of Building & Licensing: 1 New Residential permit, 3 Residential Addition permits, 29 Residential Alteration permits, 2 Multi-Family Alteration permits, 9 Commercial Alterations, 6 sign permits, 7 tree permits, and 10 plumbing permits. The Board of Adjustments heard 2 cases. Assorted minor violations were noted. · The Planning Commission updating the Mayor and Commissioners on the status of the ongoing Trees Study which is expected to complete the data collection phase by the August 9, 2013 meeting. There is an initiative to solicit public input from a survey/questionnaire that will be posted on the City website. More information will be provided when it is underway. The Planning Commission is drafting an action plan in response to the study request made regarding increasing side setbacks for lots in excess of 50 foot frontage. The Chief Building Inspector was asked to respond as to the effect, if any, of such an increase on the FAR or lot coverage requirements. It appears these criteria would not be affected. · Chairman Preston Littleton provided a summary of the Partitioning Application Hearing held on July 12, 2013 for 111 Rodney St. which received a split approval. At issue was that even though the applicants provided a sealed survey attesting that the parcel was 100’ in length to be divided into two 50’ lots, the adjoining neighbor also produced a survey of their property showing an overlap of approximately 2 inches to their property, and their concern that as a result their lot could not be partitioned in the future. The problem exists because the overall length of the block measured between the survey monuments located on Bayard St. and St. Charles indicate the block is short by that dimension. The location of the parcel surveys were measured from the opposite streets which causes the overlap. This problem has been shown on other streets in the City, particularly in south Rehoboth. Chairman Littleton appealed to the M & C recommending that an ordinance be created to allow for these small discrepancies for those parcels that were originally created to be standard building lots. The Board took it under advisement and will place the issue on a future meeting agenda. Subsequent to the meeting we learned that the neighbors are appealing the Planning Commission’s decision to approve the partition. Old business: · Authorize the agreement with the EDiS Company to provide schematic design for City Hall Complex , to provide detailed drawings of floorplans and cost estimates for three design alternatives. The EDiS representatives answered numerous questions. When this phase of the process is completed, they will provide the Complex Task Force with renderings of the exterior of the building based on the site plan that was determined. Schematic construction plans will follow, but are not part of this activity. There was active discussion, and unanimous approval. New business: · Additional appointments were suggested as members of the Complex Task Force. Commissioner Coluzzi recommended Mr. Wayne Neal, who provided insight at some of the previous meetings. Mayor Cooper wanted to include all of the other Commissioners not currently on committee, but would restrict their votes within the committee, so they can convene and vote in the public meetings. This item was tabled, to be discussed at the next meeting. · Patrick Richardson has left the Board of Elections. Jennifer Duncan approved unanimously as his replacement. · City Manager’s Report : New refuse vehicle to be delivered this week. All rest rooms upgraded to ADA standards. A construction project widening Surf Ave by 5’ is to be bid. Fire hydrants in the City are scheduled to be painted. Due to the recent heat and cool early season, parking meter revenue is below budget by $47K, but can be made up or offset. The Board approved the City Manager’s Street Aid expenditures. · The Commissioner’s Personnel Committee has reviewed several proposals to engage a search firm to select a new City Manager. They recommended and the M & C unanimously approved the Novak Group for a fee of $18,900. This firm has placed nine similar candidates in other jurisdictions this year. · City Solicitor noted the Scooter Ordinance lawsuit filing. Walter Brittingham referred to a State House Bill which extends the time of last call for bars, and the ramifications to the City’s preparedness and costs. No other public comments, meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.