Mayor & Commissioners Meeting Aug. 16, 2013

The Mayor & Commissioners met on August 16, 2013. All commissioners were present. Among other actions and matter discussed: City Manager Search Commissioner Gossett, as Chairman of the Personnel Committee, asked the Commission to approve the recruitment plan, position announcement and first year goals for the new City Manager. The recruitment announcement was approved to go to the consultant, and the position will be advertised on or about August 30. The 6-month and first-year goals were approved with minor edits. These will be used in discussions with finalists for the position. Water Taxi Dock The Mayor and Commissioners have been requested to sign a letter of support to Lewes Rehoboth Canal Improvement Association (LRCIA), endorsing the concept of a dock adjacent to the Historical Museum. A lengthy discussion followed, during which many commissioners voiced their concerns and questions. Some Commissioners felt there was not enough financial and operational information to approve moving forward, and recommended further study before any endorsement. After editing the letter to make clear that the City endorses moving on to the design phase and that LRCIA would raise money from public and private funds not to include a financial investment by the City, the motion to send the letter passed, with Commissioners Hunker, Coluzzi, Sargent, Gossett voting for, (Commissioner Coluzzi disclosed she is on LRCIA Board of Directors) and Commissioners Zellers, Mills, and Mayor Cooper voting against. Planning Commission Report At the August 9 special meeting, the Planning Commission invited construction contractors and tree services to come meet and share their experiences with the existing tree ordinance. Although only 2 guests attended, Chairman Pal Littleton stated their input was helpful. At the regular meeting of the Planning Commission on August 9, the Commission considered a citizen survey to continue to gather citizen input on the tree ordinance. In the end, they felt the survey would not be productive, but plans to ask citizens to respond to draft report when it is issued. The Planning Commission also is looking at side yard setbacks for lots with frontage greater than 50 feet, and will pass recommendations to the City Commission to be discussed at the next Workshop meeting. Appointments The Commission approved additional appointments to the City Hall Complex Master Plan Task Force, including all Commissioners, local architect Wayne Neal, the City Manager, Chief of Police and the Communications Manager for the City police force. The Commission approved an additional member of the Communications Committee, Jim Horty, Jr., and an additional member of the Animal Issues Committee, Richard Byrne. City Manager’s report Parking meter revenue is running a little behind budget, but will probably come in on budget for the season. Thanks to Commissioner Coluzzi At the end of the meeting, Mayor Cooper presented Commissioner Coluzzi a certificate and thanked her for her work on the Commission. A new Commissioner, Toni Sharp, will be sworn in on September 20.