Mayor and Commissioners Meeting September 20, 2013

Mayor and Commissioners Meeting

September 20,2013


Commissioners Mark Hunker and Bill Sargent were absent


Among other items, the Mayor and Commissioners took the following actions:


Toni Sharp and Stan Mills were sworn in as Commissioners.


The following City officers were elected: Bill Sargent as Vice Mayor, Lorraine Zellers as Secretary, Ann Womack as Assistant Secretary, Priscilla Smith as Treasurer, Paula Simpson as Assistant Treasurer


The Rehoboth Beach Volunteer Fire Department reported that they had a good season, and had good cooperation from other agencies. Construction of their new facility on Route 1 will begin soon.


There was no report from the Planning Commission this month.


The Mayor and Commissioners will discuss at their next workshop adoption of a resolution setting a public hearing on side yard setbacks for lots with greater than 50 foot street frontage.


Unanimously adopted an ordinance redefining reckless, careless, and inattentive driving and setting penalties to agree with state law, include infractions on private property, and setting definitions of second offense.


Unanimously adopted a resolution to clarify ordinance regarding bicycle safety equipment (lights, reflectors, brakes, bell) and to make it more consistent with state law.


Unanimously adopted an ordinance that amends the City Code to raise the age under which a person on a bicycle must wear a helmet from 16 to 18, to make it consistent with state law.


City Manager's Report

Parking meter collections for the season totaled $2,792,363, approximately $22,600 under budget. Parkmobile usage went up from 115,000 hits late year to 168,884 hits this year.


609 scooter permits were sold, and the permit system worked smoothly.


The City will exceed budget on transfer taxes for the year by approximately $250,000.





Commissioner comments/announcements

Patrick Gossett reported that 64 applications for City Manager have been received so far. Applications are being accepted until October4.

Patrick Gossett reported that DNREC will hold a meeting regarding Silver Lake property issues on Saturday, October 5, 2013, at 9:00 am.

Stan Mills reported that tomorrow is Coastal Cleanup Day in Lewes, and that an electronic recycling and paper recycling event will be held September 28.

Commissioner Mills also suggested a public meeting regarding FOIA and the state Code of Conduct.