Mayor and Commissioners Workshop October 7, 2013

Mayor and Commissioners Workshop meeting

October 7, 2013

All commissioners were present.

The Mayor and Commissioners discussed the recommendation of the Planning Commission to
increase side yard setbacks for lots with greater than 50 feet of street frontage
in the R-1 District and for R-1 uses in the R-2 district. Mayor Cooper reviewed
a draft ordinance. Discussion included comments and questions from
commissioners regarding appropriate ways to measure non-rectangular lots.There
was also discussion of what items should be included in the definition of
"structures", which are not allowed within setbacks.

This issue will be discussed again at the November workshop, and then set for public hearing following that meeting.

A discussion was held regarding recommendations from the Communications Committee
to clarify when public comment is allowed at Regular and Workshop meetings of
the Mayor and Commissioners. A few changes in wording suggested by
commissioners will be considered by the committee and brought back to the Mayor
and Commissioners in November.

The next Regular meeting of the Mayor and Commissioners will be held at 7:00pm on
Friday, October 18, 2013.