Mayor & Commissioners Workshop Nov. 4, 2013

Mayor and Commissioners meeting

November 4, 2013


All Commissioners were present except Commissioner Hunker.


Side yard setbacks

The Mayor and Commissioners continued discussion on a possible amendment to the City Code to increase the side yard setbacks for lots with greater than 50 feet of street frontage. Simpler wording was reviewed, and discussion followed about possible consequences of the proposed change. There was also a discussion regarding what "structures" may be built in the setback area, with a general consensus that what is not allowed should not be changed from the current Code.


The City Solicitor will draft a resolution to be considered at the next Regular Meeting. If the resolution is adopted, a public hearing on the Code change will be set for a future date.


Update on City Manager search - Commissioner Gossett

Following the meeting on October 18, the city has invited four City Manager candidates to come for interviews on November 9. The candidates will also receive a tour of the city and meet with department heads during their visits.


Committee Reports - Commissioner Mills

Discussion was held on a recommendation from Communications Committee for language that clarifies when public can voice comments at public meetings. In the draft, a time limit of three minutes per comment is specified and the Chair is given discretion to limit the time and other elements of public comment.


Beach replenishment work has continued and is reaching its conclusion.


Paving continues on Surf Avenue.