Mayor & Commissioners' Meeting Jan. 6, 2014

The Rehoboth Beach Mayor and Commissioners met in a workshop meeting on January 6, 2013. The Mayor and all Commissioners were present. Among other actions and items discussed:


The Mayor introduced and welcomed City Manager Sharon Lynn.


Commissioner Mills led a discussion of possible measures to reduce smoking in areas such as the beach, boardwalk and other areas. Issues included where smoking might be banned, whether to provide designated smoking areas, and how to enforce such a ban. Discussion will continue on this subject.


Commissioner Mills reported on guidelines recommended by the Communications Committee to make documents which support meeting agenda topics accessible to the public.


Commissioner Sargent reported on current issues before the Streets and Transportation Committee including possible changes to the scooter permit system, the adequacy of scooter and bicycle parking in the downtown area, and connections to state bicycle routes including Gordon's Pond and the Breakwater Trail.