Mayor & Commissioners' Workshop Jan. 7, 2014

The Mayor and Commissioners met in a workshop meeting on January 7, 2013.

All commissioners were present

Among other issues, the following were discussed:


Discussion of proposals received in response to City RFP for reassessment services

As requested at a previous meeting, Commissioner Gossett and Burt Dukes have reviewed five-year costs of each of the two firms who responded to the RFP, and found costs to be about the same.


Commissioner Gossett also spoke to three clients of Tyler for references.


The advantages and disadvantages of each firm were reviewed and discussed, and the Mayor suggested a motion be prepared for the next regular meeting of the Commission to authorize the City Manager to discuss a final contract with PTA.


Draft ordinances which would adopt 2012 versions of codes as written by the International Code Council in lieu of 2006 versions currently contained in City Code

There was a consensus that codes need to be updated to meet the newest versions and a vote will be taken at the next regular meeting.


Discuss Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) between Sister Cities and City re: Garden of the Navigators

Commissioner Gossett presented the latest draft, which includes edits by the Sister Cities Association.

A discussion followed regarding how Sister Cities will demonstrate they have the funding necessary to begin construction.

Adoption of the MOU will be placed on the agenda for the regular meeting on January 18th.


Discussion of proposed site plan review of properties on Silver Lake

Commissioner Zellers asked how current construction of a pier into Silver Lake could be possible under the current moratorium. Solicitor Mandalas stated that the City has issued no permit for this construction and the property owner was told to stop construction and consult the State, since they apparently are asserting ownership of Silver Lake and their rules may apply.


Despite the fact that the State has asserted they will take ownership of the lake in two writings, there is disagreement among State officials on what ownership means and what statutes to apply.


Regarding the proposed ordinance calling for site review of all building permits for structures supporting residential or commercial use within 25 feet of the lakes, the Mayor suggested further discussion including a February public hearing.


City Manager’s report

The Mayor and Commissioners’ first budget session will be held on January 18, 2013 at 9:00am.


Communications Committee report

Commissioner Mills made a presentation suggestion the use of the home page of the city website as bulletin board for public notices. This idea was supported by the Commissioners.


Future items for discussion

Commissioner Coluzzi stated that a scooter parking map will be presented for discussion at the February workshop.


The next Regular Meeting of the Mayor and Commissioners will be held on January 18, 2013 at 7:00pm.