Mayor & Commissioners' Workshop Feb. 10, 2014

Mayor and Commissioners Workshop

February 10, 2014


The Mayor and all Commissioners were present.


Among other items, the following were discussed:


Expansion of smoke-free areas to areas such as the beach, Boardwalk, Bandstand and additional parks.

Commissioner Mills reviewed the current bans and restrictions in other cities, and discussed questions that had been posed by Commissioners at last month's meeting. There was consensus that smoking should be banned on the beach, Boardwalk, bandstand and in city parks year round, but that some designated smoking areas should be located at reasonable intervals along the beach to accommodate smokers. Commissioner Mills will work with the City Solicitor to prepare a draft ordinance.



Commissioner Gossett gave a status report on the city-wide reassessment. New notices of assessed value will be sent to all property owners in mid-April.


Discussion of process for merging and unmerging lots

There was an extensive discussion of what constitutes merger, and which City agency has the authority to review or decide subdivision or partitioning once a merger has been determined. It was decided there needs to be more discussion and standards for merger more clearly defined.


Cell Site

There was a discussion of allowing Verizon to lease space on the City's Lincoln Street water tower to set up a cell site. No action was needed at this time.


City Manager's Report

City offices have had voice mailed installed.

Contract negotiations are ongoing with the Police Department.


Streets and Transportation Committee

Commissioner Sargent reported that most people are satisfied with the scooter regulations, but discussion may continue on free permits for residents and the creation of scooter parking on Rehoboth Avenue.