Mayor & Commissioners' Workshop April 7, 2014

Mayor and Commissioners Workshop meeting

                                                           April 7, 2014


A discussion was held regarding the processes and conditions for merging and unmerging lots, looking at the processes of both the Planning Commission and the Board of Adjustment.  Discussion also included several rulings by the Board of Adjustment that when circumstances causing a merger have abated, no action by the Planning Commission is required to unmerge the lots, now adopted by the Chief Building Inspector as policy. The Mayor and Commissioners reached consensus that they should continue to discuss this issue with the Planning Commission at a future workshop meeting.


A discussion was held regarding the possibility of further definition of the width of a lot as it relates to side yard setbacks for residential lots greater than 50 feet.


The Mayor and Commissioners discussed the possibility of a lease with Verizon Wireless for space to be used as a cell site on the City's Lincoln Street elevated water tower. The lease will be formally considered at a future Regular Meeting of the Mayor and Commissioners.


The Mayor and Commissioners discussed a proposed ordinance that would prohibit parking on the east side of Surf Avenue from Lake Avenue to Henlopen Avenue, and a clearer delineation of the traffic lane. The consensus was that this issue needs more study and discussion.


The City will hold a household hazardous waste recycling event next Sat April 12, from 8:00am-2:00pm.


The issue of demolition fees has been raised by a citizen, and some commissioners feel it should be discussed at a future meeting.