Mayor & Commissioners' Meeting April 21, 2014

Mayor and Commissioners Regular Meeting

                                                   April 21, 2014


The Mayor and all Commissioners were present except Commissioner Hunker.


Status of Implementation of Smoking Ban on Beach and Boardwalk - Commissioner Mills

The new smoke-free initiative will go into effect on May 15, 2014. Over 170 signs will be posted around the City designating no-smoking areas and places where smoking will be permitted. The City Manager and others will be working with the Chamber of Commerce, Main Street and several realtors to help educate visitors about the new rules.


Report on Assessment - Commissioner Gossett

All properties have been inspected. The data is being reviewed, and letters with new assessed values will go out in the next few weeks. Then there will be opportunities for review and appeal, and tax bills based on the new assessed value and tax rate will be sent out at the end of June. Property taxes are due to the City by August 31, 2014.


Side yard setbacks - Mayor Cooper

The Mayor and Commissioners set a public hearing for May 16, 2014 at the Regular Meeting of the Mayor and Commissioners that would consider an ordinance that would further define the width of a lot and sideward setbacks for lots greater than 52.5 feet of street frontage and a lot area greater than 5250 square feet.


Police Contract - City Manager Sharon Lynn

Negotiations have concluded for a new four-year contract between the City and the Teamsters Union on behalf of the full-time uniformed police officers. The Union has approved the contract, and the Mayor and Commissioners voted to authorize the City Manager and Mayor to execute the new contract.


Lease to Verizon for Space on City Water Tank - Mayor Cooper

The Mayor and Commissioners authorized the execution of a five-year lease with Verizon Wireless for space on, within and outside the City's Lincoln Street water storage tank.


City Manager's Report - City Manager Sharon Lynn

     The City has applied for a Homeland Security grant to fund some work on city water and wastewater systems.

     The replacement of sewer lines in Schoolvue is under way.


A letter was read from Nick Caggiano, asking if the City would agree to light the Verrazano Monument at the Boardwalk, and discussion followed. Mr. Caggiano stated he would request funding through Sen. Lopez, but that he would provide funding for the lighting if that funding does not come through. Commissioners stated it was a kind offer, but wanted more time to consider the proposal. The Commissioners will discuss it at the next Workshop meeting.


The next Workshop Meeting is scheduled for 9:00am, Monday May 5, 2014, and the next Regular Meeting is scheduled for 7:00pm, Friday May 16, 2014.