Mayor & Commissioners' Meeting May 16, 2014

Mayor and Commissioners Meeting

May 16, 2014


The Mayor and all Commissioners were present.

 Among other issues discussed and actions taken:

 Reassessment Update

Mayor Cooper reminded the commissioners and the public that the reassessment is being conducted to create a more fair and equitable assessment for the city. He noted that no city-wide assessment has been conducted since 1968.

 The Mayor reported that informal hearings have concluded and that those who have requested reconsideration of their assessment will be receiving letters next week regarding the outcome of these hearings. Approximately 5 percent of the property owners requested reviews of their assessments. Representatives of the assessment firm will make a presentation about the assessment process and decision-making process at the June 9 workshop meeting. The city will be holding formal assessment appeals in early June, and tax bills will be sent on or about June 23.

 Police Report

The new ordinance creating a smoke free beach, with smoking allowed in designated areas, went into effect yesterday, May 15.

Some of the summer officers have begun their work, and others will start in the coming weeks.

 Side yard setbacks

A public hearing was held regarding a proposed amendment to the definition of the width of a lot when determining side yard setbacks for lots with greater than 52.5 feet of street frontage and a lot area of 5250 square feet in the R-1 district and R-1 uses in the R-2 district. A technical amendment regarding the measurement of the width of the lot was passed by unanimous vote.

 Restaurant Certificate of Compliance

The Mayor and Commissioners approved a certificate of compliance for Flying A BBQ and Crabs, to be located at 251 Rehoboth Avenue.

 Planning Commission Report

Information on the tree study conducted by the Planning Commission is now available on the City's website and the Commission invites public input.

 Consideration of the request from Nicholas Caggiano to light the Verrazano Monument on the Boardwalk

There was consensus among most commissioners that additional lighting at the Verrazano Monument is not a priority and that the City needs to have some policy and process regarding how to treat acceptance of gifts from private citizens or organizations. Commissioner Hunker was the only commissioner to speak in favor of accepting this gift at this time. A motion was made to approve the gift, which failed 1-6.

 City Manager's Report

The city has received a grant from the city to collect data regarding storm water management.

The planning, training and implementation of the smoke free beach has been completed and most public comment has been very positive.


Memorial Day preparation is underway and the City is ready to receive visitors.


The engineer in charge of the Schoolvue sewer project presented an update on the project. The contractor estimates that the work will be completed around late June or early July.


The next meeting of the Mayor and Commissioners will be a Workshop meeting at 9:00 am on June 9, 2104.