Mayor & Commissioners' Meeting June 20, 2014

Mayor and Commissioners' Meeting

June 20, 2014


The Mayor and Commissioners met at a Regular Meeting at 7:30pm on Friday, June 20.

 All commissioners were present.

 Among other items considered and actions taken:

 Election Petitions

The Mayor and Commissioners approved all nominating petitions for election for this year. The election, which will be held on August 9, 2014, will include the following candidates:

 For Mayor:


Sam Cooper

Tom McGlone

 For Commissioner:

Francis "Bunky" Markert

Kathy McGuiness

John Meng

Larry Myslewski

Lorraine Zellers

 Setting City Tax Rate

The Mayor and Commissioners voted to set the City tax rate at their July 18, 2014 meeting. This new date allows the report of the appeal hearings to be considered and a total value of all property to be set with complete information.

 Police Department Report

The Police Chief repeated his advice to lock all cars and homes at all times. A few burglaries have occurred, and in every case the home or vehicle was unlocked.

 Planning Commission Report

David Mellen presented the report of the Planning Commission from their meeting on June 13, 2014.

 The Planning Commission drafted a final version of their tree ordinance report which has been posted online for public comment for some time. Their report will be sent to the Mayor and Commission soon.

 There have been some complaints to the City regarding adverse impacts of residential swimming pools. Some property owners have sent letters and given other input, including complaints about noise from pools, safety concerns, declining open space, construction impacts and other issues related to swimming pools. The Planning Commission suggests a joint meeting of the Planning Commission and the City Commissioners to consider what action, if any, would be appropriate for the City and the community.

 City Manager's Report

Code Red, an alert system for emergencies, missing children and other concerns, is now taking enrollments via the City website. Citizens may sign up for phone or text messages.

 Bandstand concerts have started and will continue through the summer. See the City website for the complete schedule and information.

 New bike racks are being installed on Surf Avenue.

 Mel Craig has retired as the head of the Public Works Department.

 Meetings will continue with all departments regarding the Fourth of July fireworks.