Mayor & Commissioners Workshop Sept. 8, 2014

Mayor and Commissioners Meeting

Monday, September 8, 2014



The Mayor and Commissioners met in a Workshop meeting on Monday, September 8, 2014. All Commissioners were present except Commissioner Hunker.


Among other issues discussed:


The Mayor and Commissioners agreed to formally consider a proposal from EDiS Company to provide design development level architectural engineering and estimating services for the proposed City Hall complex. This proposal will be placed on the agenda for approval at the next Regular Meeting of the Commission on Friday, September 19.


The Mayor and Commissioners discussed plans to install water and wastewater mains in Lake Drive west of King Charles Avenue. The Mayor presented ideas for financing the extension and consensus was reached to proceed with discussion at future meetings.


The Mayor and Commissioners continued their ongoing discussion of the processes for and definitions of merger and unmerger of lots. Commissioner Mills and City Solicitor Mandalas will continue to work on a draft ordinance and bring it back to the Commission.


The Mayor and Commissioners reached consensus to allow replacement of existing HVAC equipment to continue encroachment into side and rear yard setbacks required by the Zoning Code. This will be placed on the agenda of the next Regular Meeting.


The Mayor and Commissioners reached consensus to amend the City Code to bring it into compliance with FEMA's requirements for the National Flood Insurance Program.These amendments will be considered at the next Regular Meeting of the Commission.


The Mayor and Commission reached consensus to repeal Chapter 152 of the City Code on Fire Prevention, which has been superseded by more recent ordinances. This amendment will be considered at the next Regular Meeting of the Commission.


Ms. Kitty Cole has requested permission from the Mayor and Commission to enlarge a porch and extend a roof over the new porch to reconstruct an existing outside stairway which encroaches on city land and is subject to a licensing agreement with the City. The Commissioners seemed to reach consensus to allow this work to proceed, and will consider it at their next Regular Meeting.


City Manager's Report

The City Manager reported that the self insurance program having been worked on by the Mayor and other cities has been approved by the DE Department of Insurance, which will save the City a great deal of money.


Parking meters come down on Sunday September 14 at midnight.

Parking meter revenue has exceeded the budget for this year, 663 scooter permits were sold this season, and parking permit revenue exceeded last year as well.



Next Meetings

The next Regular Meeting of the Commission will be held at 7:00pm on Friday, September 19, 2014.


A special joint meeting of the Mayor and Commissioners and the Planning Commission will be held at 3:00pm on Friday, September 12, 2014 to discuss rental of residential properties to large groups and the related issues of noise and swimming pools.